Giallo Argento Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Giallo Argento Granite
Giallo Argento Granite Reviews

Name Product :  Giallo Argento Granite

Also Known As :

Thickness :  3 cm

Slab Length : 135

Slab Height : 120

Slab Square Foot : 90

Water Absorption : 0. 33 By weight %

Finish : Polished, Sandblasted, Aged, Brushed,  Honed, Tumbled  and Leather

Colors : White, Yellow

Pattern : _

Prices : $43. 14 per square foot

Origins :  Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Suggested Use: Kitchen Backsplash, Interior Floors, Kitchen Countertops, , Interior and Exterior Wall or Floor applications, Cover cabinets, Construction stone, Shelves Bathrooms, Sculpture, Ornamental Stone, outdoor cladding and all other Architectural Applications

Professional Designer Comment :   This Giallo Argento Granite in the exotic granite category, within it's design you will see sections of yellow to pure white feldspar and touches of translucent gray quartz. The color in this stone will have medium variations from slab to slab.

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Giallo Argento Granite Countertop
Giallo Argento Granite Countertop

Unlike other stone, Giallo Argento Granite are beautiful, and they work well with a number of colors and styles. This stone  comes close with its primarily white coloration with light yellow and white veins running throughout. Giallo Argento Granite resembles marble in a number of ways, making it a popular and possibly more affordable option if that is the direction you want to take things. Besides, Giallo Argento Granite is a Low/Mid price granite and definitely the most popular granite at the moment.   Giallo Argento Granite exhibits many characteristics of exotic marble, but has a more reasonable price tag than some of the more expensive stones. So, If you are looking for an elegant countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom but don’t like a lot of color, I think you might consider Giallo Argento Granite as a part of your home interior.

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