Emerald Pearl Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Emerald Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite Reviews

Name Product : Emerald Pearl Granite

Also Known As : Labrador Escuro, Perla Smeralda, Labrador Verde, Verde Larvik,  Lundhs Emerald  Pearl,  Labrador Dunkel, Labrador Gruen, Dunkel Labrador, Labrador Oscuro, Labrador Scuro, Labrador Dark, Labrador Emerald Pearl,  Labrador Vert, Emerald Pearl Granite

Stone Type : Natural Stone Granite

Thickness :  2 cm - 3 cm

Slab Length : 120

Slab Height : 125

Slab Square Foot : 105

Water Absorption : 0.18 - 0.33 By weight%

Compressive Strength: 185.0 MPa

Finish : Polished, Brushed, Honed, Aged, Sandblasted,  Rockfaced, Tumbled  and Leather

Colors : Green

Pattern : _

Prices : $22. 09 per square foot

Origins : Norway ( Klastad, Skallist, Tjølling, (10 km east of Larvik), Vestfold )

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops and bars, Kitchen Backsplash, Interior Floors, indoor and outdoor decoration, Wall Capping, Pool,  Stay,  Construction stone, Tombstone, fountains, component, lavabo, Shelves Bathrooms, Cover cabinets, Sculpture, Water Falls,  Ornamental Stone,  Interior and Exterior Wall or Floor applications, outdoor cladding and all other Architectural Applications

Professional Designer Comment : Emerald Pearl Granite is a naturally felsic intrusive igneous rock  that formed 150 million years ago by the crystallization of molten rock from volcanic activity and pressure over times. Emerald Pearl Granite  have a unique appearance and predominantly with a distinct appearance of lustrous blue crystals and dark background, Emerald Pearl Granite is an uncommon plutonic rock type which is usually granitic in composition and maint minerals in this stine consist of layered spheroidal structures that formed through nucleation around a grain in a cooling magma in mountains. Emerald Pearl Granite is strong, lightweight and very ideal for both interior and exterior usage, especially suitable for multiple unit projects as condos, hotel rooms, apartments, small kitchens, etc.

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Emerald Pearl Granite Countertops
Emerald Pearl Granite Countertops

Emerald Pearl Granite countertops cost considerably less than custom made countertops. One of the main reasons for why this stone has a lower price is the fact that the slabs get a finish at a factory which reduces or even eliminates the need of customization at a custom shop. Emerald Pearl Granite are a very economical and cost effective option as the most popular colors are available and this stunning stone the perfect solution for budget-conscious home­owners.

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