What is The Cost of False Ceiling?

There are basically two types of false ceiling: the suspended ceiling and stretch ceiling. Both have the advantage of being able to adapt to all kinds of media, whether, for example, wood or concrete. Prices, however, differ depending on the particular coating selected.

False ceiling can be used to decrease the volume of a piece by the height. This helps to save energy including matters since this option significantly improves the thermal insulation. Sound insulation can also be improved.

Indeed, in principle, the ceiling leaves a space between the floor, which can greatly reduce noise from outside, including those made by the neighbors from the top.

suspended and false ceiling bedroom with wall decorating ideas
suspended and false ceiling bedroom with wall decorating ideas

Otherwise, false ceiling installation also allows to bring a new look to a room, making it more aesthetic and decorative. Already, the old damaged ceiling and electrical devices will not be visible but in addition, false ceilings contribute greatly to the interior, especially those with patterns and colors marrying the colors of the walls and furniture, as well as those which are bright.

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Prices and specifications for a false ceiling

stretch ceiling bedroom with wall decorating ideas
stretch ceiling bedroom with wall decorating ideas

The cost of a stretch ceiling is not the same as that of a suspended ceiling. And yet, according to the materials, a stretch ceiling can cost more than another and it is the same for suspended ceilings.

In the case of stretched ceiling, the price difference is in particular, from the size of the room, at the quality and color of the fabric that constitutes it. Quotes are offered online by several professional but an indication, installation, supplies and canvas stretched ceiling to return at least 70 euros per square meter.

For a suspended ceiling, the coatings can be of several kinds and thus the height of the estimate varies greatly. If the choice arises eg on plasterboard, the cost of the plate BA13 and supplies is between 8 and 15 euros per square meter. The price of a PVC plate, supplies and poses extra, can reach 60 euros per cons m2.

Quotes many specialists are available online, whether for a PVC suspended ceiling, wood, plaster or metal.

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