Santa Cecilia Light Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Santa Cecilia Light Granite
Santa Cecilia Light Granite Reviews

Name Product : Santa Cecilia Light Granite

Also Known As:   Giallo St. Cecilia Light Premium - Granite Slab

Stone Type: Natural Stone Granite

Thickness : 3/8" (10mm), 12mm, 15mm, 3/4" (20mm), 30mm 

Finish :  Honed, Aged,  Tumbled, Polished and Leather

Colors: Gold, Yellow


Prices: $22 per square foot

Origins :  Brazil 

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops, stairs,  shelves Bathrooms, Exterior paving stone, Pavement, vanity tops,  paving stones, cubes, sculptures, tombstones, Stairs, tables, fountains, Stair treads, work tops, columns, windowsills, skirting, Slab, steps and riser stairs, block stairs, ornamental stone, Interior Walls ,Cover cabinets,  Interior Floors, Accent Tiles,  commercial residential buildings and all other Architectural Applications

Home Designer Comments: Santa Cecilia granite is a naturally occurring stone. this amazing stone is formed billions of years ago by the crystallization of molten rock from volcanic activity and pressure over time.  Santa Cecilia is favored above many other stone countertops and this stunning stone become the best selling granite in the United States due to its incredible consistency, resistance to acids, low price, hardness and has the beauty pattern.

Santa Cecilia granite is strong, lightweight, easy to install to all other architectural applications. Hundreds of small dark spots over a yellow background gives this element a very nice leopard skin look. Besides, Santa Cecilia granite has natural beauty and ease to blend with other colors combination, it's become a sense of permanence are the hallmarks of this stone. 

So when you have a planning to renovate your  home,  it can be a good option if you can use  Santa Cecilia Light Granite as a part of your home interior. It recommended to use Santa Cecilia Light Granite  for your exterior or interior building construction include:  Floor applications,  Interior Floors, Kitchen Countertops, Cover cabinets and all other architectural applications.

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