Moroccan false ceiling, insulation or polystyrene, specifications and price

A worn or damaged ceiling is not necessarily to replace. In order to remedy this, you can simply proceed to the installation of a suspended ceiling. Different types and possibilities are available on the market as the Moroccan false ceiling or the polystyrene. The installation of ceiling also contributes to better insulation.

The insulating quality of a false ceiling

Moroccan false ceiling, insulation or polystyrene, specifications and price

Apart from the insulating process, the false ceiling is already an insulator which can be very effective. In fact, installing a suspended ceiling reduces the height of the room. The volume is decreased, which leads to improved thermal insulation.

In terms of acoustic side, the false ceiling is not directly against the floor, from outside noise, the neighboring parts and in particular coming from above are mitigated considerably.

In addition, the space between the false ceiling and the floor is sufficient space for different types of insulating materials.

False ceiling polystyrene or Moroccan, specifications and price

Moroccan false ceiling, insulation or polystyrene, specifications and price

Among the less expensive false ceilings such a distinction is the polystyrene slab. Although cheap, fake polystyrene ceiling can be very decorative. It also improves the insulation either thermal or acoustic.

In addition, its installation is greatly facilitated by the fact that the polystyrene panel is very light. However, it should take some precautions before installing the slabs of polystyrene false ceiling. It must first dust the carrier will receive the polystyrene slabs and make it even healthier.

If the carrier has cracks, these must be resealed to the coated support. If necessary, a fixer must be applied to the support for the tiles adhere better. To get an idea of ​​prices, the polystyrene slab is obtained from 2 euros per m2.

Another option is the Moroccan ceiling. Very aesthetic and decorative, the Moroccan false ceiling made of plaster, is also a high sound and heat insulation. For a better finish and optimum results, it is advisable to hire a professional for the installation of a false ceiling Morocco. Quotes are available, including on the Internet.

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