Moon White Granite Kitchen Countertop, Slab and Price

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Moon White Granite
Moon White Granite Reviews

Name Product : Moon White Granite

Also Known As:  Emerald White Granite, Kashmir Pearl Granite, Morning Mist Granite

Stone Type: Natural Stones Granite

Thickness : 3 cm

Finish : Polished, Brushed and cascade

Colors: White

Pattern: _

Price: $45 per square foot

Origins : India

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops, Accent Tiles, shelves Bathrooms, Kitchen Backsplashes, Terrace, Interior Walls,Cover cabinets, Exterior paving stone,  Floor Tiles,  Fireplace surrounds, Granite Monument, Tombstone, Slab, Countertop, Tiles, Marble, Pavement, Sculpture, Stone wall cladding,  Stair treads, Interior Floors and all other Architectural Applications

Professional Designer Comments :  Moon White Granite stone is the best choice for those who want enjoy an elegant appearance in their interior or exterior areas of the home, This incredibly versatile stone can blend well with all colors combination and  this stunning stone can be used in in exterior or interior building construction include Kitchen Backsplashes,  Kitchen Countertop, Accent Tiles, Interior Walls, slabs, Interior Floors, furniture, Cover cabinets, and all other architectural applications. Besides, Moon White Granite is a durable and last longer, you can also used this stone for floor bathroom

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