Installing a False Ceiling, Quotes and Ask to Install

Whether for business premises or a house, installing a suspended ceiling has several advantages. Several options are available depending on everyone's budget, the materials to make a false ceiling come in many kinds.

The benefits of installing a suspended ceiling

Installing a False Ceiling, Quotes and Ask to Install

First, the  benefits of installing a suspended ceiling is gives a new and better look to a room. Indeed, it conceals the original ceiling damaged as it hides the electrical devices and installations. Otherwise, it reduces the volume of the room and improves thermal insulation.

Because it is not glued to the floor, the noise from the top are also reduced. But also, whether a suspended ceiling or stretched ceiling, several appearances can be obtained for a false ceiling, according to the tastes of each, plus the fact that both types of false ceiling can s adapt to virtually all media.

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Pose a false ceiling

Installing a False Ceiling, Quotes and Ask to Install
For critical work and a better finish, pose a false ceiling by a professional is recommended. It is especially in the case of stretch ceiling. Indeed, the installation of a stretch ceiling requires great delicacy and precision, the welds to be carried out in the factory.

To stretch the fabric that constitutes the stretch ceiling, two methods are possible: you can do it either hot or cold. Said fabric has the advantage of fire resistant and ultraviolet rays. Several aspects of stretch ceilings are available on the market: it can be matte, satin, lacquered and also patterned.

For the suspended ceiling, various surfaces also exist: there is, among others, metal blades, wood paneling and / or PVC and the plasterboard. These are fixed on hangers and rails. The spacing should be well calculated, therefore, the services of a professional is a great help.

In terms of the cost to be a false ceiling, you should know that the stretch ceiling is more expensive than the suspended ceiling.

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