Exodus White Granite Countertops, Slab And Price

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Exodus White Granite
Exodus White Granite

Name Product : Exodus Granite

Also Known As:  Exodus white Granite, Crema Exodus Granite

Stone Type: Natural Stone Granite

Thickness : 1 1/4"

Finish :  Polished, Tumbled,  Aged, Honed,   and Leather

Colors : Beige, White, Yellow

Pattern :

Prices : $30 per square foot

Origins :  Brazil

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops, Stair treads, windowsills, Interior Walls ,Cover cabinets, Interior Floors, block stairs, skirting,   ornamental stone,  Pavement, vanity tops, shelves Bathrooms, Fountains, mosaic, work tops, columns, Accent Tiles,  steps and riser stairs,  Slab, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, pool, commercial residential buildings and all other Architectural Applications

Home Designer Comments : Exodus White Granite has a beautiful white background with widespread grains and veins of brown, black, and grey in it, this granite become the best seller in India due their strength and durability. These "Exodus White Granite" are used to make countertops, floor tiles, curbing, building veneer, monuments and many other architecture building  When choosing best granite for your kitchen countertops or floor bathroom, you will see a variety of prices. But by using Exodus White Granite, you will get affordable prices, so when it come to decorating your home interior, it will become good ideas if you use Exodus White Granite  as a part of your home interior.

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