Arctic Pearl Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Arctic Pearl Granite
Arctic Pearl Granite Reviews

Name Product: Arctic Pearl Granite

Also Known As:

Stone Type: Natural Stone Granite

Thickness:  3 cm

Slab Length: 120

Slab Height: 95

Slab Square Foot: 60

Water Absorption : 0. 30 By weight %

Finish:   Tumbled,  Polished,  Aged, Honed and Leather

Colors : White, Yellow

Pattern : _

Prices : $100 per square foot

Origins :  India

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops,  Kitchen Backsplash, shelves Bathrooms, Accent Tiles, Pavement, Cover cabinets, Interior Floors, landscaping, Slab, Interior  and Exterior Wall or Floor applications,  commercial residential buildings and all other Architectural Applications

Home Designer Comment : Arctic Pearl Granite is a naturally felsic intrusive igneous rock  that formed one billion years ago by the crystallization of molten rock from volcanic activity and pressure over times. This awesome stone  have a unique appearance and predominantly white and yellow colors, Arctic Pearl Granite is an uncommon plutonic rock type which is usually granitic in composition and maint minerals in Arctic Pearl Granite consist of layered spheroidal structures that formed through nucleation around a grain in a cooling magma in mountains. Arctic Pearl Granite is strong, lightweight and very ideal for both interior and exterior use.

Arctic Pearl Granite is the best granite than other stone and this amazing stone became famous for the granite rock  due to its resistance to acids, incredible consistency, low prices, and resilient. These characteristics make Arctic Pearl Granite very desirable and become the best selling in India. however, this stone cannot be honed very well. Besides, Arctic Pearl Granite ease to blend with other colors combination in home interior or exterior areas, Arctic Pearl Granite serve for applications such as commercial interiors and exteriors, civic memorials, hardscaping, landscaping and national monuments.

You can use Arctic Pearl Granite as a part of your home interior and exteriors building construction including: Kitchen Countertops,  Kitchen Backsplash,  Bathrooms floor and also other architectural applications

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